Are Corgis Good with Cats? (Owner’s Guide)

There are cat persons, and there are dog persons. In an alternate world, there is also a special kind of people: cat and dog persons. If you fall into that category, you might want to ask, are corgis good with cats?

Cats have a playful nature with other kittens. But when we introduce a dog, it can be hard to tell. While corgis are not particularly ill-tempered dogs, you don’t know all they can do.

In this guide, you’ll learn if bringing in a cat to a home with corgi is a good idea. You’ll also learn how to plan the union, to make the relationship between your corgi and your cat flawless.


Are Corgis Good With Cats?


The answer depends on specific circumstances, but corgis are generally good with cats. While corgis are energetic dogs that enjoy play, cats enjoy playing and won’t mind playing with a corgi if it’s safe.

While corgis won’t typically have problems with a cat in the house, getting your kitten to trust the dog is the task.

Cats, especially nursing ones, don’t relate well with most dogs. Unless you can put in the effort required or adopt both animals young, keeping a corgi and a cat might not be a good idea.

If you’re planning to do it, we’ve got two pieces of good news for you.

Firstly, most people who own a pet cat and a corgi reported absolutely nothing wrong with doing that.

Secondly, we’ll show you the exact steps they took to integrate their cat and their corgi to make for a perfect union.


Are Corgis Good with Cats


How to Introduce a Cat To a Corgi (or the other way round)


It doesn’t matter if you’re introducing a cat to a corgi or a corgi to a cat. What matters is how well you can help them become best of friends and not foes.

If you don’t handle the introduction properly, your corgi and cat might never be as united as you want.

Corgis do like to chase, and cats hate to feel unsafe. If the corgi gave a chase during the introduction, it might cause distrust, and the two animals will become foes forever.

Here are some tips to help you perfectly unite your cat and your corgi.


  1. Leash the dog first

Never leave the dog uncontrolled with the cat, as it usually leads to devastating consequences.

Even if you think your corgi is friendly, it might decide to give the cat a ‘friendly’ chase. At this point, the corgi is still strange to the cat, and the cat won’t interpret it as friendly.

The result?

Two animals running frantically around the house with loud barks and howls. Worst case scenario, both animals get a couple of injuries from fights that you could prevent with a leash.

So, before introducing your cat to your dog, make sure you can control it by putting a leash around its neck.

Let it observe the cat from a distance and let the two animals exchange scents without physical contact.


  1. Establish safe zones for the cat

You may not always control your dog, but you can teach your cat to avoid getting into physical combat with the corgi.

Most animals, including cats, will choose to escape from danger as the first resort. Creating a kind of ‘safe zone’ where the cat can escape when it feels threatened is a way to help your cat escape from danger.


  1. Keep the corgi tired before introducing it to the cat

Corgis are more inclined to jump into play (or fights) if they’re physically fit. When they get tired, they’ll be less willing to give a chase.

Therefore, it helps if you introduce a tired corgi to your cat. Not only will the corgi be less inclined to harm your kitten, but it will also create a calmer and more suitable atmosphere for the event.


  1. Don’t neglect your cat.

After initially introducing the corgi, your work is just getting started. Now, you have two animals to care for; one, physically demanding, and the other, emotionally demanding.

Always ensure that you’re still caring for your cat as much as you were before getting a dog. This is important to prevent a case of cat jealousy.

At the same time, you shouldn’t neglect the needs of your puppy. They also need love and care and a great deal of walking.

It helps if you have someone around to help. Kids, or maybe a spouse that the pet likes.


  1. Feed the pets separately.

Cats are aggressive with food, and corgis do eat a lot. Even when you think your cat and your corgi are already best friends, it’s still not good to feed them together.

Keep different food containers for both pets, and place the foods in separate places. Also, make sure you’re doing everything possible to prevent the dog from eating the cat’s food and vice versa.

This seemingly simple tip is a 50% solution to most of the problems you’ll be facing when you keep a corgi and a cat. The most fall out with each other on one thing: food!


  1. Ensure the dog is obedient

A disobedient dog makes for an unsuccessful cat-dog union. Mostly, your dog will be the one to provoke the cat before a fight.

A perfect way to ensure that you’re always in control of their fights is to teach your dog a command to pull them out of quarrels.

Something like ‘down’ or ‘stop’ are common words that tell dogs to pull back from an activity. Before uniting both pets, ensure that your dog obeys your command in all conditions.

Don’t even try to train your cat to obey you; it won’t.


  1. Regulate interactions during play

Most dogs will guard their toys to prevent others from taking them away. People don’t attend to this dog quality because who needs a dog’s toys anyways.

However, if you’re bringing in a cat, you might finally need to pay attention. Your cat might cross into the corgi’s territory and decide to play with one of its toys.

When your corgi notices that, it might react aggressively, spurring a fight. This can escalate to injuries in both animals without supervision.

To prevent this, ensure both pets have enough toys. Also, try to have someone around when either pet trespasses into the other’s territory.



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Have you been asking the question: are corgis good with cats?

Ask no more, as everything you need in an answer is already explained in this guide.

TLDR; your pet corgi can get along with a cat just fine. However, the union will need some dedication on your part.

This article also covers everything you need to do to make the union peaceful.

You’re welcome.