Are German Shepherds Good With Babies?

You’re expecting a baby, but you have your big sweet German Shepherd. You’re worried; are German Shepherd good with babies?

We all know how protective German Shepherds are, and how lovingly loyal they can be. But does this translate to a healthy relationship with toddlers?


While German Shepherds might have unique personality traits, they’re also what they learn. In this article, you’ll learn how to train your dogs to behave perfectly around babies.

You’ll also learn some of the reasons why you mightn’t want to leave your baby alone with the German Shepherd dog.


Are German Shepherds good with babies


Are German Shepherds Good with babies?


German Shepherds are obedient and protective dogs. For this reason, they are mostly good with babies. If your German Shepherd dog doesn’t behave abnormally aggressive to other family members, it should be okay with a new baby.

While they won’t likely harm your baby, you should worry. German Shepherds have some qualities that can make them unsafe with kids.

If you notice that the relationship between your shepherd and your baby isn’t all that great, you should have one of the reasons in the next section to blame.


Are German Shepherds good with babies


Why Your German Shepherd Dog is Bad with Babies


German Shepherds are not perfect with babies, and that’s not unique to this dog breed. As long as you keep a dog, you should be wary of it around your kids.

If you have German Shepherds and a kid around, these are the possible reasons why they might not perfectly get along with each other, giving you ideas of what to fix.

  • Jealousy

If you’ll agree with me, this isn’t unique to German Shepherds; it isn’t unique to dogs!

Almost anyone can feel jealous when they notice that they get less attention because of the new baby’s arrival.

If your German Shepherd dog starts to show aggressive behavior towards the baby and others that approach you, it’s likely dog jealousy.

Try talking to a dog behavioral expert if you think this is the problem with your German Shepherd dog.

  • They’re large compared to babies.

Your German Shepherd dog might have no qualms with your baby and still go ahead to inflict injury. This quality is, of course, not its fault.

German Shepherds are large dogs, and they’re full of energy. They like to play and jump, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself.

When dealing with babies, however, this might be too aggravated. German Shepherds don’t seem to be aware of their large size, and their well-intended play can inadvertently harm the baby.

For this, you might want to consider placing some restrictions on unsupervised interactions between the dog and the baby; remember, the child’s safety comes first.

  • They might be poorly socialized.

If you have a baby and you’re planning to introduce a dog, you might want to hold off on the choice of a German Shepherd. You don’t know how well-trained the dog is.

For one, German Shepherds need socialization to get along with people and even more training and socialization to stay peacefully with babies. There are chances that the dog didn’t receive enough training to qualify it to live with your baby.

Unless you have a trained German Shepherd that demonstrates exceptional social qualities, you should worry about bringing a German Shepherd into a home with a baby.


Are German Shepherds good with babies


What to do When Bringing Home a German Shepherd


It’s not all about questioning if German Shepherds are good with babies. It’s also about how well you set the grounds for the arrival of the dog or the baby.

If you’re not sure what to do when bringing home a German Shepherd, we’ve got you covered.

  • Ensure the dog is well socialized

Before you think of introducing a baby to a German Shepherd, you should make sure that the dog has exceptional social qualities.

Your baby shouldn’t be the first to which you’ll introduce the dog. The dog should also understand that babies are not attackers, and they’re indeed a superior part of the pack.

If your dog has any potentially dangerous behavior, there is no better time to eliminate it; your baby’s safety should always come first.

  • Introduce the baby properly.

You don’t just keep a baby somewhere around the house and let the dog guess if it’s a friend or an intruder; that can be too disastrous.

Dogs have a great sense of smell, so they’d know immediately there is a new baby. You should introduce the baby as early as they notice to avoid disastrous guesses.

You should try to exercise your dog to fatigue before it meets the baby, as this will reduce aggressive tendencies. Also, you should restrict the dog from getting too near the baby until it learns how to interact with toddlers.

You can use dolls to train your dog on interacting with your baby. If its response is satisfactory, you shouldn’t worry about having your German Shepherd dog around your sweet baby.

  • Pay attention to the dog.

Puppy jealousy exists. Paying too much attention to your baby is cool, but doing so at the expense of your dog is unacceptable.

German Shepherds are energetic dogs, and they need hard and frequent exercise. They get bored, anxious, and aggressive if they don’t get enough of that.

If you think two hours is too much to devote to your dog in a day in addition to taking care of the baby, you should consider enrolling your dog in a class. If you have kids, they’re good companions too, and your dog will never get bored.

  • Ensure your dog is healthy

If you’ll risk having your baby near a dog, it should be a perfectly healthy dog. An unhealthy dog can be unnecessarily aggressive, posing risks to your baby.

Before introducing your baby to the dog, you should have a veterinary doctor ascertain that the dog isn’t physically or mentally ill.

If your dog isn’t very healthy, you should get appropriate medical care to avoid unexpected behavior around the baby.

  • Seek expert help

You can do all the above yourself, but it’s not going to be any easy; in fact, it’s nearer to impossible than you think if you couple those with caring for a baby.

Your best option is seeking an expert’s help. While this is going to cost you some money, it is worth it. At least, it’s better than keeping a wayward dog that poses a threat to your baby.



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Dogs are sweet, and German Shepherds are even sweeter. But the question is: Are German Shepherds good with babies?

If you have a baby and you’re bringing home a German Shepherd, you should worry.

Follow all the steps listed above, and you’ll be free from the worry of having a German Shepherd around babies.