Are German Shepherds Good with kids?

They’re cute, trainable, and loyal, but are German Shepherds good with kids?

If you have a kid or kids, you don’t want a dog that won’t get along with them. While most dogs are fun to live with, coping with kids is just challenging for some.

Kids love cuddling and playing with pets all day. If your dog isn’t very energetic, it can get aggressive towards kids.

If you have kids and you’re planning to buy a dog, this article will help you determine if the German Shepherd will easily get along with your kids.


Are German Shepherds good with kids?


The German Shepherd is a tall and agile dog breed. Their outstanding physical qualities are a reason why they are a top choice for police dogs, but they can also be loving enough to be a home dog.

German Shepherds are not just loving, they are also very calm and protective. In most cases, a German Shepherd is good with kids.

Are German Shepherds Good with kids

However, this doesn’t answer the question. Before bringing home a German Shepherd, you should understand that a dog’s behavior is highly influenced by its environment.

While a well-bred German Shepherd might be the perfect dog for your kids, a poorly-trained one can be problematic to keep.


German Shepherds Temperament


Before choosing a dog breed, you should note how aggressive they can be. This is especially important when you have kids.

Socialization plays a crucial role in the general behavior of German Shepherd dogs. If the dog isn’t well acquainted with humans at a young age, they might grow up to be aggressive dogs, making them unfit for a family with kids.

However, German Shepherds are naturally protective. They might be aggressive towards strangers, and they bark very loudly when they feel uneasy.

If you want a German Shepherd dog for kids, you’ll want to consider getting a young one, as they’ll be less aggressive, and they tend to grow to be loyal friends. A German Shepherd is still considered a young pup under three years old.

If you introduce a German Shepherd to the kids as a puppy, they’ll likely grow to become good friends with the dog.

However, beware of adopting old German Shepherds. Not only will they require some time to get used to the kids, but they can also be very aggressive during this period; remember, they bark very loudly.

I guess you don’t want a dog that will scare your kids out of their skins just because they were trying to be nice.


German Shepherds Energy Levels


Kids can be very playful, and so should their dogs. When choosing a suitable dog breed for your kids, you should consider how well the dog can endure continuous cuddling.

German Shepherds are very energetic dogs. They are mostly used as guide dogs and military dogs as a result of their energetic physical qualities.

German Shepherds don’t just like extreme activity; they love it. There are chances that your kids will engage your dog in some energetic physical activities. German Shepherds are more than ready for that.

If your kid is an infant that’s too young to play with a dog, you should engage a dog of this breed in at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. This activity helps them stay active and healthy, but of course, more is better.

If you don’t engage your German Shepherd insufficient physical activity, it can grow bored and bark very loudly.


Are German Shepherds good with infants?


Infants are kids too, but they’re much smaller kids. Should you have a German Shepherd around babies?

First off, it’s important to understand that a well-trained German Shepherd won’t deliberately harm any member of the family. However, babies are, particularly at risk.

Before introducing a baby to a home with a German Shepherd dog, you should consider training the dog about behaving around infants.

Train your dog that the baby’s nursery is off-limits, and at the same time, don’t let the dog feel neglected. Ensure you have absolute control over the dog before introducing a baby.

If you’re worried about the safety of a toddler around an aggressive dog, you might want to consider temporarily getting rid of the dog.


Are German Shepherds Good with kids


How to Raise a German Shepherd for kids


Even if it’s your first dog, a German Shepherd can be the perfect dog for your kids. There are just some tips that will help you learn how to make your dog a friendlier companion to your kids.

Here you go.


  • Exercise them regularly

German Shepherds are very energetic dogs, and they require frequent exercise for optimum health. When getting a German Shepherd, you should consider getting a few dog toys for playing time.

Also, your kids will likely keep the dog active during the day. If you have two or more energetic kids, you mightn’t need any bones or dog toys. German Shepherds are just as energetic as kids; it’s a perfect match.


  • Be authoritative

German Shepherds like being leaders, and they like controlling their followers. It is crucial to show that you’re the leader and that you control them.

If you can control your dog, it will be easier to deal with infrequent situations when the dog becomes aggressive.

Don’t try forcing your German Shepherds to play. They are attention seekers, so they should naturally come to you. If you want your dog to respect you as a leader, you have to make them seek your attention.

Also, you need to be calm and not violent when dealing with your dogs. Yelling at or hitting a dog won’t make them respect you the more.


  • Early socialization

If the dog will be living with your kids, you want to make sure that you get them when they’re young. Also, you should arrange for the dogs to meet other people, and if possible, other dogs too.

Getting a young German Shepherd will help it grow to understand your kids. They’ll also understand that humans are superior, and they’ll develop the much-desired loving qualities early on.

It might be disastrous if you keep poorly socialized German Shepherd dogs with kids. They might mistake playful actions as attacks, thereby inflicting random unwarranted injury on the kids. Who wants their kids injured for belly-rubbing a dog?

However, well-socialized dogs can instantly tell the difference between an attack and a friendly interaction.


  • Educate your kids

Kids love dogs, and they seem to play with dogs quite endlessly. During playtime, kids might sometimes handle dogs uncomfortably. This might lead to an aggressive response with German Shepherds.

To avoid this, you should educate your kids on how to be kind when playing with the dog. This knowledge will help both the kids and the dog maintain a healthy, comfortable relationship.

The kids should also take part actively in the obedience instruction of the dog. The dog must understand that everyone is superior, no matter the age.

As the Shepherd will be spending the most time around the kids, the dog should respect the kids too.


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Finally Words


Are German Shepherds good with kids?

German Shepherds are perfect dogs for kids. Kids are energetic and love to play. German Shepherds are also energetic and love to exercise. This creates a perfect union of tireless exercising, as it is unlikely that the dog will get aggressive from fatigue.

When dealing with a toddler, however, you should be more careful. German Shepherds jump and bark very loudly and might be unable to control themselves properly around infants.

With total control over your dog, your infants should fare well with German Shepherds.