Are German Shepherds Good With Other Dogs?

You have a German Shepherd, and you’re planning to bring in another dog. But, are German Shepherds good with other dogs?

If you’ll be keeping multiple dogs, you’ll want to be sure that they’re getting along together. If your dogs aren’t friends, you’ll always have to deal with two growling dogs.


First off, every German Shepherd dog is different. Just because your neighbors have their German Shepherds getting along nicely doesn’t mean yours will be best of friends too.

In this article, you’ll learn why your German Shepherd might become best friends with other dogs and why the situation might be the exact opposite. You’ll also learn how to train your dogs to become friends with other dogs.

Shall we?


Are German Shepherds Aggressive to Other Dogs?


German Shepherds are not much different from other dogs in terms of aggression. The factors that contribute to a dog’s aggression are much more than what breed it is.

While German Shepherds are naturally protective and intimidating, they will fare perfectly well if they grow with the right training. They also need to socialize properly, or they’ll grow to be pretty aggressive, just like any other dog breed.

In the following sections, you’ll learn some of the most important factors that decide how aggressive your German Shepherd dog will be and how you can make your dog a friend to other dogs.


are german shepherds good with other dogs

Why are German Shepherds Aggressive?


If your German Shepherd dog doesn’t seem to tolerate other dogs, there are always some reasons for it.

These reasons are usually the fault of the owners and not that of the dog. This leaves room for improvement, and you have the chance to change your dog.

Here are the factors in detail.

  • Poor socialization

If you want your German Shepherd dog to behave around other dogs, you must train it to know that other dogs can be good friends.

If your dog doesn’t form a good relationship with other dogs early on, it will see them as threats when you introduce them to the family. This will lead to aggression and frequent scuffles between the dogs.

  • Dominance

According to popular belief, there are ranks in the animal kingdom. Since you have a pack of dogs, there must be a defined leadership and ranks.

As German Shepherds are natural pack leaders, your aggressive dog might just be trying to show dominance over the other dogs around.

This is also partly a result of poor social skills. You can train your German Shepherd dog on how to behave around other dogs and prevent them from unnecessarily inflicting injury on poor little dogs.

  • Insufficient exercise

German Shepherds are very energetic dogs in general. At least, your dog should be getting about one hour of exercise per day; for more active dogs, it should be up to two!

If your dog doesn’t exercise sufficiently, it will get bored. A bored German Shepherd can be very aggressive and destructive.

If you don’t previously walk your dog daily, try adding that to your routine. If you’re too busy for that, you can enroll the dog in a dog class.

  • They’re overly protective.

If your German Shepherd dog only attacks strange dogs, it might just be due to their protective instinct. Your German Shepherd dog takes it upon itself to protect you.

Whenever your dog senses an intruder, it immediately flings into action. If you don’t want your dog to apprehend unconfirmed suspects, socialize the shepherd!


How to Reduce German Shepherds Aggression Towards Other Dogs


If your German Shepherd dog is aggressive towards other dogs, here are some things you might do to help.

  • Socialize

Every dog needs some degree of socialization to get along with others. German Shepherds are no exception.

You must socialize them at very young ages as they’re large and strong dogs. If you want to teach a dog to keep cool with other dogs, you’ll want to do that when it poses little or no harm.

If you’ve got an adult German Shepherd, you might want to consider using the services of a professional dog trainer.

  • Exercise

German Shepherds need exercise; this is no secret.

If you think your dog is aggressive due to insufficient exercising, you should up the dog’s daily routine.

If you have kids, they can also help with keeping the dog busy. Dog-walking and dog training classes are some other perfect ways by which you can exercise your dog.

  • See Your Vet

It sounds weird, but your dog’s aggression might be a result of some hidden physical pain. If your dog is ill and going through some inner pains, it will surely be aggressive when provoked.

If your otherwise calm and reserved German Shepherd suddenly becomes aggressive, you should consider having your veterinary doctor run some tests to see if it’s ill.



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German Shepherds get on with adults and kids, but are German Shepherds good with other dogs?

In terms of aggression, German Shepherds are just like other dogs. While they’re mostly hostile due to poor social skills, you can train your German Shepherd dog to do better.

When you understand that your dogs don’t intentionally harm and avoid what provokes them, you’ll have very happy dogs.