Are Great Pyrenees Good with Kids?

The great Pyrenees are exactly what they sound like: a breed of giant and fearless dogs. As people often confuse gigantism with intolerance, it’s not uncommon to hear the question: are the Great Pyrenees good with kids?

This is honestly a fair question. If you’re getting a dog and you have kids, you should ensure your kids’ utmost safety first. A dog that can’t guarantee your kids’ safety isn’t worth getting in the first place.

In this article, I’ll analyze the behavioral patterns of the Great Pyrenees. You’ll also learn if they’re good with kids and if Great Pyrenees are the perfect family dogs you’ve been looking for.


Are Great Pyrenees good with kids?


The Great Pyrenees are generally good with kids if they receive proper training and socialization. While they can fare well with kids without training, the union won’t be seamless.

While Great Pyrenees mightn’t be the best kid-friendly pet of all time, they don’t fare badly either.

They’re energetic enough to endure the rough play that kids like. They’re also calm and are unlikely to react aggressively unless they sense a real threat.

The great Pyrenees also devote themselves to securing every member of the family, including the kids. Since they’re large dogs, they’ll need enough training to tell the difference between playful interactions and genuine threats.

The great Pyrenees are natural shepherds. They bred thousands of years ago to herd sheep. While they excel at what they do, they exhibit some shepherding qualities around kids, which you may not want.

Sometimes, the dogs might herd the kids like cattle, thanks to their instincts. With communication and efficient socialization, you can quickly make them less of a shepherd and more of a family dog.


Are Great Pyrenees Good with Kids


How to Introduce a Great Pyrenees Dog to a House With Kids


You don’t just bring a dog into a home with kids. There are some steps you should take to ensure that the union between your kids and the Great Pyrenees dog is as seamless as possible.

In this section, you’ll learn how to introduce the dog to your kids and vice versa for the best cat-kids integration.


Training Great Pyrenees to be around kids


If you’re bringing a Great Pyrenees dog into a house with kids, you must train and socialize it adequately.

Owing to the size of these dogs, Great Pyrenees can harm kids by simply running over them; you don’t want that to happen.

The Great Pyrenees is an intelligent dog breed, but intelligence might not be a good thing in this context.

The more intelligent a dog is, the more disobedient it becomes. Intelligent dogs usually think for themselves, and they tend to act even before you shout a command.

Due to this intelligent stubbornness, you might need an expert dog trainer to help you train your Great Pyrenees for kids.

While many people enroll their dogs in training classes, they don’t realize that the kids need training too.

When getting a Great Pyrenees dog, you should look for a puppy. Puppies are innocent, as they’ve not grown into their intelligent (stubborn) self; when they grow into adults, they become difficult to control.

In the next section, I’ll briefly explain training your kids for the Great Pyrenees, enhancing your family dog’s and kids’ relationship.


Training kids to handle Great Pyrenees


While kids love dogs, they might not know how to act around them. Kids play so hard, and when multiple kids try to play with the dogs at once, it becomes easy to stress the dog out.

While many dogs will forbear this attitude from kids, Great Pyrenees mightn’t. In that case, it would be crucial to retrain your kids on how they should behave around dogs, particularly the Great Pyrenees.

The kids should understand that the dog isn’t a play-toy. While they might have seen TikToks of dogs somersaulting, they don’t have to try it themselves.

Things become even more complicated when you don’t own the dog. This way, you can only teach your kids how to handle the dog; you don’t have much say on how the dog acts around your kid.

However, when you train the dog on how to behave around kids, and you train the kids to handle the dogs properly, you’ll have a loving relationship between your kids and your Great Pyrenees dog.

One last thing about teaching your kids about dog handling: teach them as often as possible. Kids forget things so quickly, and the best way to make them stick is by repeating them for days on end.

The more dog lessons you can impart to your kids over time, the safer your kids will be around the Great Pyrenees.


Are Great Pyrenees Dangerous to Kids?


Yes, you can train a Great Pyrenees dog to be friendly and all, but do they pose any threat to kids?

Contrary to what you might think, the Great Pyrenees can potentially harm kids, especially younger ones.

It’s easy for a Great Pyrenees dog to knock down a kid inadvertently, causing injury due to their size.

Also, boring Great Pyrenees is never a good idea. They’ll try to keep themselves active by jumping around, chewing, and doing all sorts of dog things.

With their enormous size, these dogs can’t exercise safely in-house.

If you socialized and trained your Great Pyrenees, you shouldn’t have any of these problems. Already, the dogs will know and respect the no-go areas.


Other Things to Note About Great Pyrenees


The great Pyrenees are independent and consequently stubborn dogs. This habit owes to their initial purpose: herding cattle.

When Great Pyrenees herd cattle, they need to make some autonomous decisions to ensure the safety of their herd. For instance, the dog won’t wait for orders before repelling an attacking wolf.

This behavioral trait has passed on from the oldest Great Pyrs to the present ones. However, we no longer need these traits in our dogs anymore.

That’s why the Great Pyrenees mightn’t be the best bet for a home dog. Unless you can socialize the dog properly, it will repel attacks without your permission and with many false negatives.

Also, Great Pyrenees are nocturnal. They sleep in the day and stay up at night to guard their herd, in this case: you.

While this seems harmless, wait until the dog barks you up from sleep six times in one night. Trust me; it will happen.



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The great Pyrenees mightn’t be the worst dog breed when it comes to relationships with kids, but they’re certainly not the best.

They do have a ton of behavioural traits that make them hard to recommend over other dogs.

However, if you can train your dog to be good with kids, and you’re okay with constant barking at night, nothing is stopping you from getting a Great Pyrenees dog.

Otherwise, look further.