Are Pitbulls Good With Kids? Things you Should Know About Pitbulla

Pitbulls are one of the most popular dog breeds around man, and they are interesting enough to be your next dog. If you have kids, however, you should worry; are Pitbulls good with kids? is the question that you have been asking. 

Pitbulls are a muscular, sturdy type of dog known for their aggressiveness to other dogs and sometimes to humans, and of course, their pet nature.

They are originally bred to fight with bulls in olden England (which is how they got their name).

They make good pets despite their scary reputation. However, they still instill fear in the minds of their potential owners over their relationship with kids.

In this article, you’ll learn how well Pitbulls relate with kids and if you should get one as your next dog.


Are Pitbulls Aggressive?


Pitbulls are dogs known for their aggressiveness, as that’s one of the reasons why they exist. Who fights bulls without being aggressive?

However, there is no cause for alarm as your pitbull will get along well with your family.

Pitbulls are sometimes misunderstood to be very aggressive, whereas studies confirm they Pitbulls are one of the best breeds in terms of companionship. Pitbulls are less aggressive to people than they are to other dogs and animals.


Are Pitbulls good with kids
PIC FROM Caters News – (PICTURED: Jordan with a pitbull) – Few parents would be comfortable seeing their child play with the worlds most villainised dog breed, let alone the biggest ever bred. Marlon Grennan, 29 and wife, Lisa, 26 from New Hampshire, USA are raising sons, Jordan, 5 and Jackson, 10 months in a home shared by 36 Pitbulls who they can play with as much as they want. The family have become internet sensations for their harmonious relationship with their pack of gentle giants and questioning their status as a dangerous.


So your pitbull with get along well with your family when you treat it well and give it proper care.

But be mindful that your pitbull will never intentionally hurt anyone; they are more aggressive to fellow dogs compared to humans.

But your pitbull might be aggressive to humans when it is poorly brought up, senses threat, or lacks socialization as it affects its mental health, making it aggressive.


Are Pitbulls Good With Kids?


Yes, pitbull is good around kids that they are familiar with. However, you wouldn’t want to leave your kid alone with your pitbull to play around all day without adequate protection because an animal remains an animal.

There are safety precautions you should take when leaving your kids in the same building as a pitbull.


How Do I Make My Kids Get Along With My Pitbull?


There is no magic to make your pitbull fall in love with your kids or vice versa; treat your Pitbulls well, and they will surely reciprocate it on your kids.

However, here are tips to make your kids get along with Pitbulls.


  • Teach your kids how to handle the dog.

Pitbulls are fun to play with, but you will agree with me that adults are usually better at playing with pets than kids.

Adults have more experience on how to go about it but poor kids, what do they know?

This is why watching your children’s behavior whenever they are around your pitbull is very important as they may touch or behave in a way that may trigger the dog’s aggression.

They may have safe intentions, but the dog might sense it as a threat, so it’s better to be on the safe side.

So watch and control your kid’s behavior whenever they’re around your pitbull to ensure safety for both parties.


  • Attend obedience classes.

Creating a bond with your pitbull is one of the most fulfilling tasks as an owner. Imagine being able to control your dog, your dog always coming to you for comfort, and seeing you as its mentor.

Obedience classes are the best way to do that. They present an avenue for your dog to socialize with other dogs and dog owners, exposing it to relationships with other dogs and people.

Your pitbull will not be aggressive to any member of your family if it receives proper training. Proper training gives it some self-control about when to react aggressively and when to sit up and let your kids have a good time.

Obedience classes will go a long way in providing a good atmosphere for you, your kids, and your dog.


  • Provide escape routes in unpleasant circumstances.

Pitbulls are very energetic pets, but they do get tired too. When they do, they want to escape and rest. Other times, they might feel the environment isn’t conducive enough, and they want to leave.

It’s crucial to ensure that there are escape routes in these circumstances. A simple rule like leaving the door open when you interact with the dog is sufficient.

Tell your kids to let go of your pitbull whenever he wants.

Also, let your kids know that the places designated for the pitbull are a no-go area, as the dog should also be allowed some privacy.

Ensure your kids don’t force the dog to play with people, animals, or things they don’t like or love. This can trigger defensive tendencies and unwanted accidents.


Are Pitbulls good with kids


  • Socialization.

Socialization is one of the most crucial factors to consider when adopting a Pitbull to maintain a good human and animal relationship with your kids.

Your dog should be conscious of its environment, feeling safe and comfortable in it.

Don’t just keep them locked in; take them for a walk. Take the dog to parks and make it familiar with people and other dogs. This activity will go a long way in aiding their relationship with your kids and family.


  • Read and research

Imagine you walking into a vet store and adopting a pitbull without knowing anything about Pitbulls!

It’s dangerous not only for Pitbulls but also for your kids and your other pets.

So before adopting a Pitbull, you should extensively research their meals, temperament, habitat, behaviors, and how to deal with them. You wouldn’t want to adopt an animal that will be a threat to your kids.

The fact that you’re reading this means you’re taking steps towards getting this right; kudos.



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Pitbulls are good with kids if you treat them well.

Pitbulls is a breed that has what it takes to make your kids happy. They can learn to be social with everyone around, and they can also aid your kid’s social development.

When the dogs are raised under the best possible conditions, there is absolutely no reason to be scared about your kids’ safety around Pitbulls.

However, they can be aggressive when threatened, so you should ensure that the dogs are always comfortable with the kids.