Are Rottweilers Dangerous? – Things You Should Know About Rottweilers

The Rottweiler as a dog breed is the single breed responsible for the second-highest number of serious dog attacks in the United States. This disturbing statistic brings up the question: Are Rottweilers dangerous?

When it comes to dogs inflicting injuries on people and other animals, Rottweilers are only second to one: Pit bulls.


However, only 3% of dogs in the United States are Rotties, and they are responsible for over 10% of serious dog attacks. When you learn that there are twice as many Pit bulls as Rotties, this stat gets very disturbing.

But is this statistic a fair way to judge the danger of Rotties, or are they just being stereotyped?

In this article, you’ll learn if Rottweilers are dangerous and why they’re regarded as dangerous dogs.


Are Rottweilers Dangerous?


Owning a Rottie isn’t an easy task. Many states in the United States have declared them ‘dangerous.’ This means if your Rottweiler fatally attacks someone, you might have to face a charge of ‘involuntary manslaughter.’

All dogs can be dangerous, depending on what kind of training they receive. However, if you compare a Rottweiler to the average dog, you’ll notice that Rotties are pretty dangerous dogs.

If you don’t thoroughly train or socialize your Rottie, it will be dangerous. Rottweilers are not a victim of hate; they do all that you hear them do.


But Why Are Rottweilers Dangerous?


In the next section, you’ll learn some reasons why Rottweilers are dangerous, despite them being the eighth most popular dog breed in the United States.


Why Rottweilers Are Dangerous


Rottweilers tend to find their way to every list of super-aggressive dogs. But why is this?

Why do people regard Rottweilers as the bad guys among dogs? This section answers this question in detail.


  1. Numbers Don’t Lie

Simple, numbers don’t lie. Let’s run through some of them to see why Rotties are the bad guys.

Rottweilers as a breed are ten times more likely to seriously and fatally injure someone than the average breed, ten times! No other dog breed comes near this, not even the supposedly more dangerous Pit bulls.

Rottweilers make up about 3% of the total dog population in the United States. The fact that this dog breed accounts for about 10% of serious dog attacks is simply inordinate.

While they come behind Pit bulls in terms of the number of consequential attacks on humans and other pets, it is somewhat disturbing to learn that Pit bulls are twice as many as Rottweilers.

Working only with the numbers before us, anyone will agree that Rottweilers as a breed are more dangerous than any other dog breed in the United States, no questions asked.


  1. They’re Historically Violent.

Do you know what registers a dog as ‘dangerous’ better than the statistics?

It’s history; how people have portrayed the dog over the years. Rottweiler, unfortunately, failed in this aspect too.

Rottweilers weren’t bred to be family dogs. They are a class of working dogs that soldiers used back in the days. They also have a brief stint with herding cattle.

When it comes to everyday dealings with human and domesticated animals, Rottweilers are bad at that. They show too much aggression, not knowing that we’re no soldiers, nor cattle.

Chill out, Rottie.


  1. They’re Aggressive, Even as Puppies.

When you get a small dog, you expect it to be stupid and easygoing, right?

Yes, that’s right, unless the puppy is a Rottie. Even as puppies, Rottweilers are no cowards. They’re energetic, run fast, and bite hard; also, Rottweilers like chewing.

Before owning a Rottweiler, you should have some experience restricting an aggressive dog, even if you’re just getting a puppy.

Also, your Rottweiler will likely form a good relationship with you and everyone else that it recognizes as family. When it comes to strangers and other pets, it’s a different story.

Unless you have the experience, time, and patience to train and socialize a Rottweiler, they can grow from aggressive little pups to pretty dangerous and intimidating dogs.


  1. They Don’t Quickly Get Along With Strangers.

First off, Rottweilers are very territorial, so you better not enter a house with an unleashed Rottie inside if you’re not the owner.

Also, Rottweilers don’t naturally get along with people they don’t know. If your neighbor’s dog is a Rottie, you might want to exercise restraint while dealing with it.

According to a 2008 study, Rottweilers are not more aggressive towards their owners than the average dog. However, their aggressiveness towards strangers is higher than average, confirming any previous doubts.

If your neighbor just showed up with a new, beautiful Rottweiler, you should think twice before giving the dog a belly rub.


  1. They Attack Kids

Most dogs only attack when they sense a threat, and as kids are small and harmless, dogs don’t generally see them as a threat.

Well, Rottweilers are just different. For some reason, Rottweilers don’t spare kids when they’re aggressive. If the kid comes across as a threat or even a prey, it can fall victim to Rottie’s anger.

If a dog attacks a kid, the owner might have to face a criminal case in court. If the attack is fatal, that’s involuntary manslaughter. Is it worth it?


How to Prevent a Rottweiler From Becoming Dangerous


No, your Rottweiler will not always become waywardly dangerous. Most pet Rottweilers are not dangerous.

However, it’s not just a matter of luck. You can control your Rottweiler’s behavior. According to experts, a dog is just as good as its trainer. There are a couple of measures that you can take to make your Rottweilers friendlier.

The first step to a friendly Rottie is socialization. If your dog is not properly socialized, it will get aggressive pretty quickly and overreact to basic situations.

If you have a new Rottweiler, consider enrolling it in a dog kindergarten where it can learn social interactions with other pets, as well as humans.

While you socialize your dog, it’s also important to maintain total control over it. Even the friendliest Rottweiler can get aggressive at times. Imagine if you can’t shout a ‘no,’ or off command in these situations; don’t even imagine.

You can maintain control over your dog through constant obedient training. While Rottweiler might want to show authoritativeness early on, it’s important to show them they’re underdogs.

Also, you should only do this yourself.



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Rottweilers are pretty large and powerful dogs, and they’re often not afraid to use their power. The lack of fear to launch attacks against threats is precisely what makes them dangerous.

However, your Rottie doesn’t have to be dangerous. If you can dedicate your time to socialize and train your Rottweiler, you’ll have a somewhat friendly and obedient dog.