Are Rottweilers Good With Kids?

So you got kids and a Rottie. Should you worry? Are Rottweilers good with kids?

You might have heard that Rottweilers are pretty bad with anything but their owners; should you take all that with a grain of salt?


Rottweilers have a poor reputation amongst dogs. They’re known for being powerfully aggressive; little wonder they rank #8 in dog popularity in the United States.


Should You Introduce a Rottweiler to a House with Kids?


If yes, how, and what are the potential risks of doing this? This post will discuss these and more.


Rottweilers Personality

When determining whether a dog is good with kids, it is important to explore its personality and temperament.

If we’re to go by popular mythology, we’ll classify Rottweilers as a very aggressive set of dogs used only by the military for their uncontrollable aggression and muscular build.

Come on, that’s not the true personality of a Rottie.

Rottweilers are naturally calm, confident, and protective of their owners and their properties. They are naturally very energetic, but this doesn’t directly mean “aggressive,” and they won’t likely hurt anyone, provided they’ve undergone proper training.

Rottweilers also love the company of other animals, and you won’t have to go separating two dogs in a fight every other day.

While they’re generally pleasant dogs, Rottweilers can also be harmful, especially to babies and toddlers.

Rottweilers aren’t naturally social. Unless you have a well-trained and socialized sweet dog, you might have problems integrating your Rottie with your baby.

If you feel your Rottweiler isn’t all that kid-friendly, you can fix that. With the tips in the subsequent sections of this article, you can raise your Rottweiler to become your kid’s best friend.


Are Rottweilers good with kids


Why Rottweilers Are Good with Kids


If you can devote the required time and effort, Rottweilers can be the perfect pet for your kids.

Why is this so?

Here are the exact qualities that Rottweilers possess that make them second to none in dealing with kids.

  • Energy

Kids play hard, and Rottweilers play even harder. If you need a pet that’s built to play with your kids all day, you might just have found the perfect one in a Rottie!

Rottweilers are hefty and sturdy, qualifying them as more suitable playmates than smaller dogs. Their natural energy makes them a perfect match for kids who never seem to stop playing.

Experts even recommend that you should exercise your Rottweiler before allowing them to play with your kids. This simple hack prevents them from exerting excess energy, unintentionally harming the kids in the process.

  • Loyalty

Rottweilers are very loyal dogs, and they rank as the third most loyal dog breed in the world. That alone says a lot about the loyalty of these dogs.

Rotties love members of their pack so much that they might be prone to separation anxiety if they’re left alone.

If you need a dog that will emotionally interact with your kids, you need a Rottweiler. When they’re used to the family, they can be very friendly.

Due to their loyalty, they can also be very protective. They always want to make sure that the kids are always safe and free from any danger. Just make sure you can back them off if they’re attacking a harmless stranger.


Are Rottweilers good with kids


What to Do When Bringing Home a Rottweiler


If you have kids and you’re planning to bring home a Rottweiler, you might want to follow the due process.

Rottweilers can be dangerous to kids if you don’t pay enough attention. If the safety of your kids does matter to you (as with everyone else), you’ll want to put everything in place before introducing your Rottweiler to the kids.

Here are a couple of things you should put in place when bringing a Rottweiler to a home with kids.

  • Socialization

This step is undoubtedly the most crucial process in bringing a Rottweiler into a home with kids. Rottweilers are not natural friends of people and animals; you have to train them that humans pose no threat.

If you don’t expose your dog to people and other animals within and outside the house, it might see them as threats. This could lead to anxiety and aggressive behavior.

Also, kids play rough. Sometimes, the Rottweiler might be uncomfortable during a play; improperly socialized Rotties tend to react badly in such situations. As Rottweilers are large and can potentially cause harm to kids, you should train them to remain calm in this situation.

If you’re planning to bring in a Rottweiler to a house with kids, you’ll want to bring in a much younger one. Younger Rottweilers are open to learning, and they’ll pick up cues faster. They also pose fewer risks to kids at this stage, as they’re much smaller and easier to control.e

Taking out your puppy to dog parks and enrolling your dog at obedience classes are all important parts of socialization. Do not leave your kids out of this; they need to have control over the dog too!


  • Teach the kids how to handle Rottweilers

No matter how well trained or socialized Rotties might be, they might exhibit an aggressive response when kids treat them roughly.

If your kids don’t know how to treat dogs, they might aggravate the dog, leading to destructive situations; who doesn’t react aggressively in pain.

So when thinking about the potential risks Rottweilers pose to kids, think extensively to include how the kids will handle the dog. If the kids treat the dog properly, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Try instructing your kids never to hit or excessively hurt the dog, as that might hurt it. Also, making startling noises or suddenly approaching the dog can trigger aggressive responses.


  • Train the Rottweiler

Even a well-socialized dog can get some pretty tricky moments when it has to react aggressively. You better have good control over your Rottweiler during these moments to avoid stories that touch.

The only way to have control over your Rottweiler is by training it. If you can’t shout a “Down” command to your dog, you’ll have to fight a pretty large dog if it goes haywire.

An issue with training Rottweilers is that you need to devote your time. You can’t just hire a trainer to do that for you; it just doesn’t work for a Rottie. You must also involve your kids in the training process to establish them as authorities too.

If you’re worried about your kids, and you can’t devote the time needed to train a dog, you can go with just any other breed.



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If you’re bringing a Rottie to a home with kids, your top worry shouldn’t be: “Are Rottweilers good with kids?”

Instead, you should look at the bigger picture and ask yourself if you can devote the required time and energy needed to train a Rottweiler to be around kids.

If your answer is yes then, you’ll live happily with your Rottie ever after.