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Pet Home Care | September 25, 2017

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Best custom pet tags

Best custom pet tags

Are you looking for the best custom pet tags? Have no doubt that these kinds of pets are easily available and that you can easily curve a niche for yourself with uniquely made custom pet tags. The way to go with these tags is to follow some simple steps as will be outlined for you here below:


The whole idea of customization is getting things done in a way that is different from the norm. You can create distinct characteristics   such as having only the military ID tags for   your dog instead of the luckluster, conventional ones. Of course there are other things that can follow this pattern.

Single vs. double sides

There are those custom pet tags which can be made with the intention of using one side only. This is the single sided one and as you will discover, this is designed to have a few simple details on one side. If you have nothing more than the name being included on it, then single is enough. For those of us who want to include as much details as possible, cramming info on one side may not actually look good on the tag. This is where the double-sided on comes into the picture. It is always advised that you make up your mind in advance on what kind of info you want included and what space is available.

Shape and design

If you are looking for the right shape and design, then you have to be involved right from the onset. This would mean that you make sketches so that the designer will know how you would like it to be. In essence, you will need to decide if you are having a chrome bone or the chrome brushed. We all have unique tastes and preferences. This is important since we are looking at personalization in all material aspects.


Talking about materials, we need to know if we are going the stainless steel way or the plastic. In most cases, it would help to know that stainless would be a good option for those who want something stylish and better looking. Durability and the inability to rust should very much influence your selection of the stainless steel over plastic. This should not be construed to mean that   you cannot have the plastic material   for the custom pet tags.


Size has always been an issue when making decisions on the tags to be used on your dog. You can either have small ones or large ones.

Engraving, embroidering and embossing

The whole aspect of personalizing the tag has much to do with the fact that you need to know how the engraving will go. The words to be written on the tags have to be boldly done so that they become permanent on the tags. There are those of us who would rather embroider and better still, the embossing is an ever all encompassing thing to do.

Add some themes and colours for that dashing look on the tags.

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