Can Snakes Feel Love? Can Pet Snake Be Affectionate To Owners

You love the way your dog welcomes you happily after a long day out, and you certainly enjoy it when your cat randomly rubs against you. When it comes to snakes, is the situation the same? Can snakes feel love and show affection?


If you think you can’t keep an animal that cannot show or feel love, a snake might prove you wrong. While your snake could live happier elsewhere, it’s not sad with you.

In this article, you’ll learn if snakes can feel loved, reciprocate the love, and how they behave if they don’t. make sure you read the article to the end, as there are some plot twists in between.


Can Snakes Feel Love?


Snakes have been dwelling in the wild for as far back as we can recall. Living in such a competitive environment requires lots of survival skills, but feeling love is certainly not one of them.

To be frank, snakes don’t have the intellectual capacity to sense love. They cannot even sense hate.

At any given time, a snake is only trying to stay alive. If the snake thinks you’re prey, they might activate attack mode. On the same note, a snake mightn’t be nice if you smell like a common predator.


Can Snakes Feel Love


Snakes’ inability to feel love boils down to relationships between snakes. The relationship between a snake and its mate is more or less mating. Snakes are not penguins, so they never have life partners. They don’t even seem to care for their young!

I know what’s in your mind right now; since snakes can’t feel love, then what’s the point?

Can they show love?


Can Snakes Love Their Owners?


It totally depends on how you define affection.

If you think affection is what your dog or cat shows, then no, snakes cannot show affection. But if you opine that affection is more than that, they still can’t show it.

Well, the snakes aren’t at fault, they just don’t have the mental capacity to do it.

While this is true, it doesn’t suggest that you share the same relationship with your snake as every other person out there. Your snake can learn to recognize and acknowledge you, reducing your chances of getting bit.

But how do snakes do this?

Since snakes don’t have the required mental capacity to feel and show love, how do they manage to recognize you, reducing your chances of getting bit?

Well, it’s not as complicated as you may think. Below, I’ll explain exactly how this works.


How Pet Snakes Show Affection To Owners


To understand snakes’ behaviors, you should understand this one thing: snakes’ only purpose in life is to survive.

Believe me, snakes know their survival tips pretty well. They know they have to eat, drink and secure themselves to survive.

While focusing on these survival activities, they tend not to focus on any other kind of activity, and the other kind of activity includes showing affection.

However, you can help them achieve their goals. If you feed your snakes every time, they will associate your smell with one of their most important basic needs; food.

While this doesn’t mean they’ll crawl up to you each time they sense that you’re around, it is a guarantee that you’ll have a lower chance of getting bit if you randomly pick up the snake.

While this doesn’t mean you will never get bitten, it’s just an indication that you can be less careful.


Does My Snake Recognize Me?


No. Your snake doesn’t know you as they have a poor sense of tying you to your personality, unlike a dog or a cat.

However, they might be able to tie your presence with the presence of food, creating a kind of recognition.

Essentially, your snake doesn’t recognize you as its owner, or even as part of its family; snakes don’t even have families to start with. However, they recognize you as a source of food, which is a less personal, but effective kind of recognition.

However, even with this, your snake won’t hesitate to bite if it senses any kind of threat from you.


What Can Snakes Feel?


Now, you get it. Snakes don’t feel love, and they can’t reciprocate it either. But can they feel anything?

Your snake has feelings too, very basic feelings that help the snake stay alive. Here are some examples of what your snake can feel.


  1. Fear

Snakes are not cowardly animals, but they do get scared sometimes. Snakes retreat or hide when they’re scared, which is extremely important for survival.

Pet snakes can also experience fear if you don’t handle them properly. Also, if your snake enters a new environment that it’s not used to, it can get scared and attempt running or hiding.


  1. Pain

While snakes might lack graduated affection processing departments, they have proper pain detection senses.

Pain alerts snakes when they’re in danger, encouraging them to take action. This quality is also crucial to their survival.

When snakes are in pain, they tend to bite or hiss to get themselves out as quickly as possible.

To avoid inflicting unintentional pain on your snakes, avoid dropping them after handling. Also, make sure that their enclosure has the right temperature and humidity levels, and avoid closing doors on them.

Believe me, you don’t want a snake that will remember you for pain.


  1. Boredom

Snakes should stay in the wild, and enclosing them in a cage deprives them of that opportunity.

When they’re not in the wild, their brains get weaker and inactive, causing lots of issues.

If your snake is refusing to eat, it might just be boring. Consider enlarging its cage and feeding it live animals. You should also consider seeing a vet for professional advice.



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If you want your snake to excitedly crawl up to you each time you’re around, sorry to say this, but it can’t.

While a snake has some feelings, love and affection are not part of them. This article has explained why this is the case.

Trust me, henceforth, you’ll never have to ask: ‘can a snake feel love’, or can a snake love its owner?