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Pet Home Care | September 25, 2017

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Custom engraved dog tags using laser

Custom engraved dog tags using laser

When it comes to custom engraved dog tags, there should never be grey areas. You either get it right first time or you just flounder. There is a feeling of contentment when you use the laser for all your engravings. In this article, we are going to explore on this technology and see how it influences the results of the engraving process.

Fibber laser is the latest buzzword. It is a special way of incorporating the laser beam to make the tags.  The best option is the CO2 as long as it is the high power. There have been many questions on how the laser makes the marks on the metal. Rather than make the marks on the tags as you would with the other engravers do, there is a kind of laser bond. This way, you will only need not worry that the words that make will fade over time as it is bound to happen with the low power version of the same.

Actual engraving

When it comes to the high powered laser marking, there are actual marks on the metal with a lasting impression. The impression is highly unlike the bonding in that it is actual engraving. This way, you are guaranteed of permanent results. You will definitely be pleased to have results that are more long lasting than just a temporary solution to fading.


The engraving will be much deeper so that the details will remain clearly visible for years. You do not have to worry about the illegibility of the words just a few weeks or months after the initial engraving.


The technology applicable here is one that involves the vaporizing of the metal so that the words can easily be engraved. This is highly effective in the sense that you will have words that are more permanent than the mere laser bonding that we see in some situations.

Clear details

When it comes to the custom engraved dog tags, you should pay attention to details. You should be able to read the pristine details of the tag even from a distance. When the words are discernible from far, this is mark of distinction. You would definitely want such a thing and the beauty of it is that it is possible to get quality.

No wearing off

We worry more often than not about the wearing off but the engraving will tell for a fact that you have found something formidable.


The cost and quality always go hand in hand and as you will find out, many people complain about the quality when they chose it through the price. For instance, one can have custom engraved dog tags which is much cheaper than average. The metal will be thinner, which reminds you that that they can bend and twist. This is risky as they can break when you least expect.

Stamping the metal is also another option that you can go if the actual engraving proves to be too expensive for you.

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