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Pet Home Care | October 19, 2017

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Why My Dog ID Tags Is Better Than Yours

Why My Dog ID Tags Is Better Than Yours

If there is one thing that you cannot compromise, it is the security of your dog. This is the reason one should buy dog id tags. However, this is not a matter of going to the pet shops and picking one.  There has to be a plan. Otherwise, you will not like the one that you will find.


The first thing that you need to look for is variety. The wider the range, the better as you will be able to choose the style that you like most.


Instead of buying standard dog id tags, you would best be advised to choose the one that will best for your taste and preference. To customize is basically to personalize from the name to the color, style, shape, size and color, to name but a few.


One of the items mentioned above is color. This is a personal taste, but at the same time, you would want one that is beautiful to look at. Some colors are better than others, though it all boils down to your preference.


The prints made on the tags count a lot. In this case, you would need to choose the prints made through the laser to the brushing of bones to finest.  The reason for the copy is to ensure that the wording is prominently made and does not come out. The words are embedding right inside the tag such that they appear sunken. This makes them permanent as opposed to writing plainly on the labels. There are experts whose work is mainly to ensure that this goes on smoothly.


You will find that even with dog id tags, your dog will still need a collar. This is an accessory that goes very well with your id tag. Ensure that you invest in a quality collar that will complement the tag.

What must information be contained in the tag?

When it comes to the tag, there is information that you will find necessary to include in the tag. Some of this information includes:

  • Name of the dog
  • Owners address

The name of the dog is important and should be engraved clearly on it. This means that you should have given your dog a favorite name.


Who should be contacted when the dog disappears? This is the question is answered by having your full address engraved on the tag. This enhances the security of the dog because it is identified with you.


What style suits you? When it comes to the tags, there are many styles to choose from but generally speaking, you will find necessary to have a unique style that identifies with your dog.

Have a theme

We all have themes on virtually anything. When it comes to the tags, the same applies. You will need to choose items which are inspiring to you as well as for the dog.


The issue of design was bound to arise. You will come across various designs from which you will choose from.

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