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Pet Home Care | October 19, 2017

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Engraved Dog Tags for Ease of Identification

Engraved Dog Tags for Ease of Identification

When you buy engraved dog tags, you are essentially trying to have an identity for your pet. The engravings are made inside the stainless steel, brass or the plastic materials from which the tags. There are many options available for engraved dog tags.  These are as explained here below:

Double-sided tags

There are tags which come with usable both sides. For those with a lot of information, one side is not enough. You will find the double side one quite convenient.

Single sided

If the information to be included does not go beyond the name and a few lines. The one sided   will be adequate.


The collar is one of most important features of the engraved dog tags. You can choose the collar that befits your dog.


There is the id which is included in the name tag. You will simply need to get a suitable for the dog.


There are large and small sized ones which are available for your dog.

Suitable coats

There are various coats available for the dog. If you are looking for a coat that looks best on your dog, work towards getting one that will suit your circumstances.

Grooming made easier

Do not just buy engraved dog tags which will give you a hard time on your dogs. There is grooming equipment that is readily available for you. All that you need to do is to buy one and get a weekend when you are going to give it a spruce up.


If you have not thought about the hamster houses, then you will need to get yourself a hamster house. Your dog needs one and this probably the reason why you should buy one and make your dog content.


The pet names are part of the personalization and as such, one should invest in tags with cool names for purposes of identification. There is stainless steel ones that are durable. They do not rust or break easily. Many pet owners recognize the importance of engraving pet names on the stainless steel as they want something permanent. There is however no harm whatsoever if you opt for the plastic or the brass types.  It is all in the name of style and as you will discover, style is more about personality than anything else.

Themes and colour

You will find that there are many themes that you can choose from if you like variety. The same can be said about the colours. All that you need to do is to go online   and select the colours and themes that you would like to see reflected on the tag.


The issue of price should not stand in the way when it comes to getting something custom made. In essence, you will get reasonable price for the kind of tag that you are looking for.

Free delivery

Once you shop for the tag, the next thing would be to get a free delivery.

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