How Big Do Corn Snakes Get

You look at the snake right before you, but you’re not sure of its age. You can see how big it is, but you can’t even tell how old a corn snake is by its size. The question is: how big do corn snakes get?

Most pet snakes are corn snakes, and this is for a good reason; corn snakes don’t typically grow as large and threatening as most other snakes.


If you want to know how big your pet corn snake should be, this is the article for you. In addition to that, you’ll also learn what the maximum length of corn snakes is, and how long it takes for them to get to that length.

Finally, we’ll look at some of the factors affecting a corn snake’s growth, and how you can help your snake achieve optimal growth.


How Big Do Corn Snakes Get?


An adult corn snake can grow to be up to five feet in length. The range is from three to five feet, but they don’t get that long normally.

Normally, your corn snake will always have itself coiled up, so you don’t need to worry about handling a snake that is five feet long.

Of course, every snake is different, and you shouldn’t expect all your snakes to be 5 feet long (just like everyone isn’t 5 feet tall). However, male corn snakes typically grow longer than females, so this can help you determine your snake’s sex to some extent.

It takes corn snakes about two years to get to their full length. In the next section, we’ll break down the average size of corn snakes by age, so you can determine how old is your pretty little snake.


how big do corn snakes get

Corn Snakes Average Size By Age


While it might be helpful to know how large an adult pet corn snake is, it wouldn’t be so helpful if your snake isn’t an adult yet.

What if your snake isn’t even as long as 3 feet?

In this section, we’ll break down how large you should expect your corn snake to be, depending on their age.

Before proceeding, note that every corn snake is unique. Your snake might be much longer or shorter than average, but the figures here are a great way to get started.

  1. Baby Corn Snake

Newly hatched corn snakes are usually less than a foot in size. They can range anywhere from 8 inches to 1 foot. They grow pretty quickly and they’re generally light in weight. A corn snake hatchling should weigh anything from six to eight grams.

  1. 6 months

After six months, your baby corn snake will no longer be a baby. It would have grown pretty large, with most growing to about 2 feet.

Also, the snake will start to weigh much heavier, at about 25 to 30 grams. While this is nowhere near the full size for a corn snake, it will begin to grow as big as your regular snake.

  1. 1 year

Your snake starts to grow big after 12 months. While you shouldn’t expect an enormous increase in length, you’ll start to see some significant weight additions.

A one-year-old corn snake can be up to 3 feet long, weighing about 40 to 100 grams on average. At this age, your already big snake still has a lot of growth potential, and won’t grow to its maximum growing capacity until after two years.

  1. 2 years

Corn snakes grow fully after two years. As hinted in the preceding section, your fully grown corn snake will only be about 5 feet. On rare circumstances, however, a corn snake can grow up to 6 feet.

Also, a fully grown corn snake can weigh up to 1 kilogram, depending on how well you feed it. Too much food makes your snake unhealthily overweight, and too little makes it underweight.

After 2 years, most corn snakes tend to stop growing larger. If your pet snake just clocked two, be prepared to handle that snake size for its entire lifespan.


how big do corn snakes get


What Makes A Corn Snake Grow Big?


If you want to grow an incredibly large corn snake, you can. While genetics play an important role in the size of a corn snake, some other controllable factors are also at play.

Some of these controllable and uncontrollable factors include the following.

  1. Food

It is no secret that only well-fed snakes will grow big. If you don’t feed your snake the right foods in the right proportions, you might end up having underweight, or maybe an overweight snake.

Corn snakes and all snakes for that matter are wild animals. By capturing them and domesticating the snake, you must feed them properly.

If you aim to have a large snake, you must focus on optimally feeding your corn snake, especially in the first two years of its life.

Corn snakes eat mice, and it’s best if these mice are pre-killed. The food proportion increases according to the snake’s size, and you shouldn’t feed your snake a rat unless it grows very large.

  1. Genetics

This is the part which you really can’t control. While it might be difficult to get the parents of your snake, it’s a way to predict the potential size of your corn snake.

If the snake comes from relatively large parents, you should prepare a larger cage. However, if the parents are smaller than average, you shouldn’t think you’re underfeeding the snake when it won’t grow so big.

  1. Environment

Like it or not, corn snakes grow larger in the wild than they do in captivity. If you keep your corn snake in an uncomfortably small container, it will severely limit its growth.

For an adult corn snake, a 20-gallon container is the minimum housing requirement. Depending on size, this may not be sufficient. If you have a larger corn snake, and you sense that the cage is too small, you should expand the container.

Also, corn snakes need specific environmental conditions to live comfortably. The inability of corn snake keepers to maintain these conditions is an important factor contributing to their inadequate growth in captivity.

For your snake’s comfort, you should always keep the cage around 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a 40-50% humidity level. When it goes higher or lower than this, your snake’s growth deteriorates.



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Corn snakes are not terribly intimidating snakes. They are quite small and do not grow as big or as heavy as other snakes.

In this article, we explained how big corn snakes get. We also explained some factors that contribute to a corn snake’s growth.

With this knowledge, you can help your corn snake fulfill its growth potential.