How Long Can Corn Snakes Go Without Eating

Humans typically eat every day, and so does every almost other pet, but what about corn snakes? How long can corn snakes go without eating?

If your pet corn snake hasn’t eaten for quite some time, you might be worried that it will die of starvation. Maybe you’re worrying too soon.

While snakes do eat, they don’t eat as often as humans. Also, snakes going through brumation can survive for long period without food.


How Long Can Corn Snakes Go Without Eating


In the case of corn snakes, how hungry can they go?

How often should you feed your snake, and when should you start worrying if it doesn’t eat?

In this article, we’ll comprehensively answer all of the questions asked above.


How Long Can Corn Snakes Go Without Food?


Unlike humans, dogs, or cats, corn snakes can go for very long periods without food. In some cases, these snakes can go for as long as three months without eating.

Typically, corn snakes eat every 7 to 10 days, but this time is extendable. For example, when corn snakes shed their skin, their next meal can wait for up to 14 days.

Brumation is the most crucial factor contributing to snakes’ ability to go for long periods without food. During brumation, snakes can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%. Snakes do not eat any food during this period.

While adult corn snakes will survive for 2 to 3 months without food during brumation, baby corn snakes might not be enduring. If you don’t want that cute little snake to die, you must feed it every three to four days.


How Do Corn Snakes Go For So Long Without Food?


Corn snakes don’t eat as often as other pets, even when nothing serious is happening. By design, corn snakes should only eat every 7 to 10 days.

However, you gave your snake a little mouse, and you found it there the next day. This has been going on for a couple of days and you’re worried; how do corn snakes survive for so long without any food?

If your adult corn snake hasn’t eaten for about two weeks, it’s not normal. One of the following might be the reason why your snake has refused food for so long.


How Long Can Corn Snakes Go Without Eating


  1. Brumation

When a snake is in a temperature that’s colder than usual, it enters brumation. Brumation is an inactive state when the snake doesn’t eat any food, vomiting everything it has eaten previously.

The corn snake is aware that eating any food during brumation can cause severe sickness or even death.

While snakes in the wild do enter brumation during seasons, a pet corn snake doesn’t have to. If you notice that your snake is refusing to eat, you might want to check the temperature of its tank.

If the temperature of your snake’s enclave is lower than it should be, you need to provide more heat. This will help your corn snake get eating again.


  1. Food state

Some snakes instinctive refuse common snake foods as they’re served. While most pet corn snakes will do fine with pinkies, others might reject the food.

Some corn snakes look for signs of movement in their prey to verify its good health. If your snake is one of these picky-eaters, you’ll be unable to feed it just like any other snake.

If you suspect this is the reason why your snake hasn’t been eating, there are some tricks you can try.

You can manually move the thawed mouse with your hands, so your snake thinks the prey is still alive. Also, you can warm up the food to see if that works.

If the above doesn’t work, you might have to serve live rats to your corn snake. You should monitor your snake while eating live prey, as it might injure your snake.

Your snake might also refuse to eat prey that’s simply too large. If the mouse is larger than the diameter of your snake’s mid-body size, then it’s simply too large as a food.


  1. Disease

Humans eat thrice daily, but they might go for a full day without eating when they’re ill. Snakes only eat once in about ten days.

If your pet corn snake hasn’t eaten in some time, it might be part of the symptoms of an illness. If you’ve tried everything and couldn’t get your snake to eat, you will have to see a vet or lookout for signs of sickness.

If your snake vomits or rapidly loses weight, something is amiss. If your snake isn’t its usual self, it calls for worry.

While your snake can survive for some time without food, you should get it to normal health as soon as possible to restore its appetite.



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Snakes are terrific picky-eaters, and their feeding time is few and far between.

If your snake hasn’t eaten for some time, you might be feeling worried. This article answers the question: how long can corn snakes go without eating?

7-10 days is the typical time, 14 days for a shedding snake, and up to three months during brumation. With this information, you now know if you should be worried or not.