How Much Are Sugar Gliders On PetSmart

If you have decided to get an exotic pet, you should be aware that you will be shelling out some money. Part of what the money will go for is purchasing the pet itself. Since PetSmart is one of the big names amongst pet stores, you might ask: how much are sugar gliders on PetSmart?

When you’re buying a suggie, you want some effective comparison to make sure you’re buying from the cheapest vendor.

In this article, you’ll learn how feasible it is to get a sugar glider on PetSmart and how much you can get it (if it is possible).


Can You Get a Sugar Glider On PetSmart?


Sugar gliders are pretty rare pets that you’ll hardly find on large pet stores (PetSmart included). If you want to get a suggie, you’ll be better off patronizing an exotic pet store.

While you can find some small animals on PetSmart, sugar gliders are just not their thing.

However, if you’re after supplies for your sugar glider, you can get some on PetSmart. They are your best bet for sugar glider foods, cages, and everything that will help your suggie live a happy life.

If you can’t get a sugar glider on PetSmart, where can you get one?


Where Can I Get a Sugar Glider?


If you’re dead set on getting a sugar glider, you’re not out of luck. However, you have to use something other than PetSmart, at least for today.

Before getting a sugar glider, you should learn the legal consequences of owning one in your locality. If you’re living in California, Alaska, and Pennsylvania, you shouldn’t bother getting a sugar glider.

While the states named above all prohibit suggies, it’s by no means an extensive list. You should check the specific laws of your state to see what it says about these pets.

A spoiler: you’ll need a permit to own a sugar glider in all 50 states in the USA. If you are in Australia, however, you cannot own or sell a sugar glider. This law is surprising, especially when you learn that suggies originated from Australia.

If sugar gliders are legal to keep in your location, you should be looking to shell out around $250-500 for a small suggie. Large ones are much cheaper, and you can get them for $100-150.

If you’ve never owned a sugar glider, you should try getting a young one. Young sugar gliders are more trainable than old ones, and you can learn to feed them as they grow.

Also, consider getting a pair of gliders as they can get very lonely. In the wild, they live in groups. When you keep a single sugar glider alone, you’re essentially depriving it of this social opportunity.



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If you want an answer to the question: how much are sugar gliders on PetSmart?

I’m sorry to say; you won’t find sugar gliders on PetSmart. If you need to keep a sugar glider, you can ask at smaller exotic pet stores.

If you can’t find one, maybe they’re illegal in your country; check the laws guiding sugar gliders in your locality!