How Much Are Sugar Gliders

As sugar gliders are slowly exploding in popularity, more exotic pet owners are turning their attention to this cute little pet. If a sugar glider sounds like a good pet to you, you might be asking: how much are sugar gliders, exactly?

While you can get a glider for a one-off amount, it doesn’t seem very fair to adjudge the cost of a sugar glider based on their face value.


There are a lot of costs that come with owning a sugar glider; you must feed it, take it to see special veterinarians and find them a good home with the right living conditions.

Everything listed above costs money, and once you get a sugar glider, you’re in.

In this article, you’ll not only learn how much it costs to purchase a suggie, but you’ll also get a breakdown of your total yearly expenditures.


What Is The Cost Of A Sugar Glider?


Sugar gliders don’t have a fixed price for everyone all over the world. The cost of getting a suggie ranges from impossible (in areas where they’re illegal), to free (in areas where they’re abundant.

If sugar gliders are not illegal in your area, it is unlikely that you’ll get them for free. Pet shop owners spend money on their animals.

Here are the one-time costs for sugar gliders, depending on the area where you live.


how much are sugar gliders


  1. From free…

As I hinted above, you can find pet sugar gliders for free, depending on how lucky you are.

Sugar gliders are very demanding animals, and most exotic pet owners buy them for their cute look. When they discover that they can’t possibly care for it, they’ll be willing to give it out for free.

Before shelling out some money for a pet sugar glider, you should check around for some local rescue groups. If a previous owner has given up one, you can get it for free.


  1. To $500

If you’ve checked out some local pet rescue groups and there seem to be no signs of any free glider, you can get one at a pet shop.

The cost of a sugar glider varies based on your location and the age of the pet.

Adult gliders seem to be much cheaper than infant gliders. Infants are very trainable and make better pets than adult suggies. Adults are more difficult to train, and they obviously won’t have a lifespan as long as that of a little sugar glider.

Adult suggies can cost around $100 to $150 depending on who you ask, while an infant can sell for as high as $500.

If someone is willing to sell you a sugar glider at a super-discounted price, it’s advisable to exercise refrain. If you’re not an experienced exotic pet owner with some experience raising suggies, you could be buying into some trouble.

Also, verify that keeping a sugar glider is legal in your area, as suggies are banned totally in some states in the United States. If you are in California, Hawaii, or Alaska, don’t even think of getting one, even if it’s on sale for a fiver.


how much are sugar gliders


  1. But you’ll need a pair

Sugar gliders are social animals, and you shouldn’t keep just one suggie. Most pet shops will only sell you a pair of suggies, and that’s exactly what you should ask for.

If a baby sugar glider costs $500, a pair should cost $1,000 right?

No. Most sellers will give you discounts for getting a pair of sugar gliders. This discount will help you save money in preparation for your future expenditures, as there are some other costs associated with owning sugar gliders!


Other Costs Associated With Sugar Gliders


Sugar gliders are not trees; they require active care after purchase to live long and comfortably.

So, you shouldn’t expect to buy a $500 suggie without spending more money. You’ll end up spending more money to care for the animal than what you spent acquiring them.

Here are the costs associated with purchasing a suggie.

  1. Sugar Glider Supplies

You cannot keep a sugar glider without buying all the supplies they need to live healthily. Sugar gliders need plenty of things to make your makeshift cage much like their natural environment.

Your suggies will need a spacious cage with climbing ropes and ladders. They also eat, and you’ll need to get feeding dishes as well as nesting pouches for privacy.

When you sum up the total amount for supplies, you’ll discover that the costs are rising slowly. Typically, you’ll spend around $300-$500 buying the necessary supplies for your sugar glider.


  1. Regular Expenses

You’ll not be buying a cage for your suggie quite often. Mostly, it’s only once in six lifetimes.

If you own a sugar glider, you will discover that feeding and bedding will be the most regular expenses associated with owning a sugar glider.

On average, you’ll be spending around $500 a year on feeding your sugar glider and changing its bedding. Depending on your specific suggie, the figure might be slightly higher or lower, but that’s a good number to start with.


  1. Healthcare

Sugar gliders need proper care, not only in terms of feeding but also in terms of regular checkups and treatment (if necessary).

As sugar gliders are very healthy animals who don’t need regular medical treatment, you shouldn’t be shelling out a lot for this.

However, you might want to spay the male suggie, as they reproduce in large numbers; you don’t want to have a sugar glider universe, do you?

Also, your regular veterinarian may be inexperienced with sugar gliders. So, you’ll need to find a super-niched vet that deals with exotic pets of this caliber.



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Sugar gliders are lovely little pets, but they’re not cheap to keep. While some people see the cost of owning a sugar glider as the cost of getting them, they’re far from being the same.

While you can get a suggie for about $500 at a local pet shop, you’ll need to feed and cage them. If you sum up the costs, you’ll discover that you’re getting yourself into a costly venture, but it’s well worth it.