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Pet Home Care | October 19, 2017

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How to Choose Dog Collars and Tags

How to Choose Dog Collars and Tags

There are two dog products here: one is the collar, and the other is the tag. As we are well aware of, they are supposed to complement each other. This requires knowledge of various aspects revolving around the dog collars and tags. Let us look at each one of them independently and see how this how they relate together.

Dog collars

The collars are an important part of the dog. Once you decide to buy a collar, you need to know what you need regarding the comfort, shape, size and design. The dog collars are part and parcel of the accessories that we buy alongside the tags. Have the open ended or the military types. This will largely depend on what you are looking for. The best dog collars are designed not for authentic reasons only but also for enhancing the security of the dog when you are moving with it around. The comfort of the dog is paramount, so choose the one that doesn’t hurt your dog.

There are varieties of the dog collars and tags and in particular, think about the collars which are uniquely designed to suit your dog. You need to be sure which one will complement the tag. There are small ones which open while the others do not. The uniqueness of each one of them will add to the color and apple.

The tags

So much can be said about the tags but in general, there is the aspect of the safety of your dog should be emphasized. When it comes to the choice of the dog collars and tags, safety comes first. This would probably explain why many more people are insisting on getting tags that are stronger, robust and which can have names engraved. Let us watch now at what you need to know about the tags.

They should be stainless steel if you can afford to buy one. If still, you want to buy a different one, there is no harm in actually trying the plastic ones.


There is the aspect of adding names to the tags. You will need to put a lot of information on the tags. The name of the dog and the owner details will matter a lot, but sometimes there is so much to be put on one side. This is the reason why you can have double sided instead of the single sided. There are those who are however content with just the single sided ones and especially if there isn’t much information that needs to be added.

The free engraving

The names and the other details could be added by engraving them inside the stainless steel. The laser engraving is quite famous as the results are more long lasting. You will need to choose the right medium for doing the engraving.

The names

The id tags need t have proper names included. You can opt for the name generator for your dog collars and tags or just be creative.

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