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Pet Home Care | October 19, 2017

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Dog Tags Wholesale Adventures

Dog Tags Wholesale Adventures

For the pet owners, getting order dog tags can be a challenge more than what meets the eye. This is highly possible and feasible too.  All that you need to know is where to order dog tags. Some companies are found near you. But you will still have an option for the online order and delivery. If you want to know the chain, here is the flow of things.

Decide what you want

Admittedly, before you order dog tags, you must have a dog and then identify what the dog requires: is it the id tag, collar or just a hamster house? Once you zero in on what you need, you will be able to move to the next step.

Get a company

This could be any company from the one that is near you. The other is one online. All these are options that you can explore. You may, however, opt first to have the quotation. The quote will detail to you the cost for a tag, the offers available and so on. This is where the issue of buying wholesale as opposed to the original tags. This is because you will stand to benefit immensely regarding the cost and many offers such as the discount.

Place an order

The third important thing you will need to do is to select the ones the order dog tags pay. If you buy wholesale, you will get massive discounts. Most suppliers give such offers as quantity discount. This is critical and especially if you bear in mind that you are buying more than one item. If you can find the reason to buy in wholesale, please do so for the sake of saving on cost.

The customization

The customization starts at this point. Not everyone is content with having an average-looking tag. Once you have made your order, you will explain to the supplier what you want to be done with the tag. This could be the engraving or the embroidery. There is embossing and accessorizing as well.

The other aspects that you would find necessary in the customization process include but not limited to the following:

  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Theme
  • Accessories

The supplier will in most cases take care of some aspects of the customization process. For instance, you will have the engraving done for you for absolutely no charge on you. However, you will need first to know firsthand if the supplier is going to offer this.


The issue of shipping usually arises on account of the cost involved. The charged will be waived so that you have free shipping on the order dog tags. All that you need to find out before the purchase is whether this is going to be done. Most online companies dealing with dog products will be more than willing to offer the free shipping service.

As you can understand from the above, the whole issue of the having s tag on your dog is not as complicated as we are made to believe.

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