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Pet Home Care | September 25, 2017

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Unique dog name tags

Unique dog name tags

No one wants standard name tags for their dogs. Having unique tags is a most outstanding that you can do. You can literally personalize the names, collars and other parts of tags, depending on what you are looking for. The best bet is that you can have dog name tags exactly as you ordered.


Size really matters. There are those who have large dogs whilst others have small ones. You can either have a small; personalize collar or a big one as well. The dog specifications will generally dictate the dog name tags you will have in terms of size.


For those who like to acccesorize, there are various types of personalized collars to choose from. To begin with, you will have open –ended ones or the breakaway collars. All these form a larger part of the dog name tags.

Slide on

When it comes to the name tags, you can choose the slide on varieties .These ID cards are made of stainless steel and are primarily made for the open-ended kind of collars.


The question is: what kind of engravings would like to have for your name tags? There are those of us who would swear by the laser engraving, though you can always tinker with bone brushed types. Either way, the goal is permanency and this means that you should look for durability. There is in particular an element of permanency with the laser type of engraving. It is highly recommended for those who want not only the aesthetics.


One can have a keychain that will be personalized to suit your dog. There are many pet owners who are nowadays going for the personalized keychain. This will look great on your dogs such the ones we have with Dane dogs out there.

Personalizing the name

The dog’s name will need to be personalized for the simple reason that there are no names two dog tags which resemble each other. One can start with choosing fancy names that you call your dog. Then forward them to the designers, who will in turn engrave them on the tags. If on the other hand, you are not sure about this, the tag name generator will prove quite helpful.


We all love colourful tag names, collars and such like. The beauty of having personalized dog name tags is the fact that you will always have the option of choosing the colours that you like. In essence ,you will need  to choose  colours which  complement  your  dog’s  collar ,keychain,hamster and so on. Of course there are many accessories that you will need to bear in mind when choosing a colour.


The themes for the tags are of vital importance. Generally speaking, choose the colour schemes that suit your dog without necessarily being superfluous.


If for whatever reason you choose a tag name, ensure that the quality is the best.  The best starting point would ordinarily be the established household names where these tags are sold. You can’t miss to discern the quality ones.

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