What Parakeets Eat – Complete List Of What Parakeets Can Eat

Owning a pet is a lifetime dedication, but owning a bird is on another level. If you’ve made up your mind to get a bird, a Parakeet seems just like an impulsive option. While you’ll have lots of worries after owning the bird, one of the few worries that precede the purchase is what Parakeets eat.

Parakeets are not just the most popular bird around the world for no reason. Of most domestic bird breeds, the Parakeet (or Budgerigar, simply Budgie) is the easiest to feed.

Birds eat seeds, and they’ll pick up almost everything you throw to them.

However, the discussion of what parakeets eat is more extensive than what they can eat. While parakeets might eat whatever you give them, should you give it to them in the first place?

Here, I’ll give you a list of what Parakeets can eat. You’ll also learn if these foods are healthy for your bird and how many of these foods they can eat.


What Parakeets Eat


What Seeds Can Parakeets Eat?


If you’ve had any experience with birds, you should know that seeds are their first food; Parakeets are no exception.

However, ‘seeds’ aren’t a particular food. You couldn’t be more wrong when you say seeds are generally good for parakeets.

What kinds of seeds are best for Budgies then?

When next you’re shopping for seeds, you should consider getting some of these seeds for your parakeet.


  • Safflower seeds

If your parakeets can only eat one seed for their entire lifetime, it will be safflower seeds. The safflower seeds contain some important fats for parakeets, and it’s the perfect source of protein.

You shouldn’t serve the safflower seed as the only food for a parakeet. It can potentially cause overweight in birds due to its high-fat content.


  • Sunflower seeds

Sounding like safflower seeds and working basically like safflower seeds too. Sunflower seeds are rich in fats, proteins, and most calories that a parakeet will require for healthy growth.

While it is healthy, parakeets also love it. They’ll eat as many sunflower seeds as you give them, placing them at risk of obesity. Before feeding these seeds to your bird, note how much will be enough, to avoid overfeeding the parakeet.

Sunflowers are basically of two types: white sunflower and striped sunflower. Both are good for your bird.


What Parakeets Eat


  • Millet seeds

If you need a low-fat seed solution for your budgie, you can’t find a better option than a millet seed. They are generally high in carbohydrates and energy but low in fat.

Millets are a crucial part of a parakeet’s meal as it helps to shape the nervous system. The silica that is derived from millet seeds also helps the birds grow stronger nails and tendons.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a veterinarian to feed millets to your parakeet. While they might love sunflower seeds better, they don’t mind trying some millet seeds if available.


  • Canary seeds

Natively grown in the Canary Islands, Canary seeds are also an important addition to your parakeet’s diet. While they are mostly part of food mixes, it won’t hurt to let your bird have a taste now and then.

These seeds are low in protein but they supply your birds with energy. While your bird can live without these seeds, they can derive some benefits from it, which isn’t a bad idea.


  • Pellets

To be clear, pellets aren’t seeds; they’re just designed to mimic them. They are generally more nutritious than seeds, and they’re served to a parakeet with them.

If you’re getting pellets for your budgie, do so from a pet store and not a grocery store. Pellets from grocery stores often contain lots of additives that make them unsuitable for birds.

A common problem bird owners face with pellets is the reluctance of parakeets to accept this into their diet. Unless your parakeet has enough experience and training with this type of bird food, it won’t eat it when you serve it for the first time.

If you have trouble feeding pellets to a parakeet, consider mixing the pellets with seeds at varying proportions until they get used to it.


What Fruits Can Parakeets Eat?


Seeds and pellets are great foods for a budgie, but they’re not sufficient. Seeds alone cannot provide all the nutrients that your bird requires, so you should mix things up a bit.

Fruits should make up around 5-10% of your bird’s diet, and you should get the highest quality fruits available.

While your parakeet might agree to eat most of the fruits available, some specific fruits are good, while others are just bad.


What Parakeets Eat


Can Parakeets Eat Strawberries?


Yes, parakeets can and do eat strawberries. Any berry that is safe for you is also safe for the budgie.

However, before feeding strawberries to a parakeet, you should warm up the fruit and remove the large seeds. Place the fruit next to the bird’s water dish, as your bird might prefer dipping its food in water before consumption.

There’s nothing wrong with your bird If it refuses to eat the strawberries. Not every bird is created the same, and some birds just won’t touch a berry.

If you need an extra source of manganese, potassium, and foliate for your bird, strawberries are second to none. While some parakeets will prefer fruits to seeds, endeavor to feed more seeds to your bird anyways.


Can Parakeets Eat Bananas


Just as is the case with strawberries, parakeets have no problems with bananas. Your parakeet will eat bananas, and it’s not a dangerous diet for your bird.

Fruits are an unmissable part of a bird’s diet, and bananas are an unmissable part of a bird’s fruit diet. Bananas provide potassium and some antioxidants that are crucial to your bird’s survival.

When you serve some bananas to your bird, check constantly and remove the leftovers, as rotten fruit can be detrimental to your bird’s health.

If your bird doesn’t eat bananas, there is nothing wrong. Not all birds eat fruits, and specifically bananas. If you can’t get to feed bananas to your budgie, you can try other fruits!


Can Parakeets Eat Grapes?


Parakeets do eat many fruits in the wild; grapes are one of them. A grape isn’t dangerous to a pet parakeet, as it is one of the foods that they actively seek in the wild.

Grapes provide a wide range of vitamins, including vitamins A, K, and C; these are all crucial for the health of your bird.

In addition to these vitamins, grapes are also an important source of potassium and manganese. Parakeets can enjoy these nutrients in both fresh and dehydrated fruits.

Exercise moderation in feeding grapes to a parakeet, as the excessive nutrient might be a little too much, leading to complications.


Can Parakeets Eat Watermelon?


There are many fruits that your parakeet wishes you never served; a watermelon isn’t one of them. Watermelon is a fine collection of almost all the nutrients important for your budgie.

Watermelons alone offer proteins, vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and potassium to your bird; almost no other fruits contain as many nutrients.

While watermelon seeds are perfectly safe for parakeets, they still constitute a potential choking hazard. The same goes for the rind. Thus, when you serve watermelons to parakeets, always endeavor to rid of seeds.

Parakeets shouldn’t eat an all-watermelons diet. Watermelon contains sugar, and sugar causes diabetes in parakeets.



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If you just got a pet parakeet, you have many things to worry about. An important worry is about what parakeets eat.

Fortunately, parakeets eat wide, and they don’t confine themselves to a specific diet. They are open to trying whatever you have to serve them.

However, it’s easy to overfeed your parakeets. Also, not all fruits and seeds are good for your budgie. Next time you’re thinking about what to feed to your pet parakeet, this article is a handy guide.