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Pet Home Care | September 25, 2017

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What to look for in personalized dog tags

What to look for in personalized dog tags

What should be contained in the personalized dog tags? Well, the truth of the matter is that you will need to have quite a couple of things to make your tag look remarkably different from the average tags.

The ID

The identity of the dog distinguishes it from the average dog tags. There are quality dog tags which are designed to help identify your dog from a pack. Don’t allow your dog to look average; simply invest in a good ID.

Stainless steel

The average personalized dog tags are more likely to rust over time. The best ones are those made from stainless steel. This is because it will not rust.

Crushed bone

There are those that are made from bone. There are brushed to look for authentic and will be quick to make. It is essential to talk to the experts who will expertly brush the bones and engrave it just right.


Whether you are looking for the small or the large sized personalized dog tags, there are many options available. Sizes do matter and in this case, you need to get the right fitting size.

Custom styles

There are a wide range of styles available to suit your dog and the circumstances. In essence, the styles are wide and valid.


When it comes to themes, you would want to address a number of things that go with your dog. The beauty of personalizing things is that you will have the freedom to choose the theme that you like    instead of buying a readymade one.


Why has a plain tag when all that you need is to accessorize? The truth of the matter is that there are many accessories that you can include. These include:

  • ID tags
  • Collar
  • Engraved metal buckle
  • Embroidery
  • Themes
  • Styles

Use a dog generator

If you are in need of personalized dog tags, there are a number of ways to go about it. The use of the dog generator is one sure way. All you will need to do is to come up with your own design and then order it right away.


Of most important though, you need to be aware that there is the issue of safety. Whether your kids are playing with the dog or you want to walk your dog, you would want to a tag that will keep it firmly in your grip.

High quality

The quality of the tag really matters. You will find tags which are cheap and are likely to come out when you least likely expect. In essence, you will find that it would be important to get the best quality tag.

Laser engraving

Have you ever heard of laser graving? Well, there are tags which are purposely designed to suit your taste for technology. What this basically means is that you will have engravings made through the laser power. If you insist, you can always have the embroidery.

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