Why Is My Dog Not Eating And Throwing Up All Of A Sudden?

As a lover of pets and other animals at large, I have carefully is chosen and trained dogs as pet reared for security purposes, and as well breed dogs for business purposes (buy and sell for the sole aim of making money only). I have taken time bot during the summer and winter to carefully observe my dog’s behavior when it comes to food from puppy stage to when they are fully grown adults over time.

Notwithstanding, I have always seen dog owners, especially newbies in keeping dogs always asking me for my practical opinion and guidance on the top veterinarian dog recommended meal or diet brands that are deemed fit to play a big role on their health, body structures, behavior, body growth and for carcass purposes being not selective on the kind of breed the dog is or minding it’s gender nor age. In this well-articulated research, we will present to you why dog stops eating and throws up all of a sudden.


Throwing Up General Overview


Throwing up in animals is not an ordinary occurrence and of such calls for immediate care and attention. Throwing up is abnormal behavior for dogs to be engaged with at the expense of giving up their food especially throwing up very early in the morning when something has not entirely entered the stomach. At this very point, it’s wise you get your dog thoroughly observed by a vet to diagnose the cause of your dog’s early morning vomit or sickness. It can be confirmed that your dog is throwing up some yellowish liquid substances called bile, in the morning or late at night hours.

This condition usually occurs when the dog is starving from eating the way they normally eat over a long period of time and always moves around with an empty stomach this special condition of a big dog is known as a reflux gastritis condition. Thus, this condition is said to be a normal phenomenon and should not ignite any cause of alarm because once they are presented with food and the appetite to eat is there the sudden throwing up will automatically stop failure to do so demands maximum attention by your veterinarian specialist.


Why Do Dog Refuse Food Offered To Them


Dogs are food lovers either male or female, domestic or wild once. They are usually very friendly with food and hardly reject food offered to them, they are always excited to smell and taste new food presented to them whether fresh or cooked. But there are a few cases that make them refuse to eat food and throw up in the long run.

Here are cases that make dogs not eat food offered to them and throw up all of a sudden as well.

  1. Trauma
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Inflammation, indigestion, and intestinal abnormality
  4. Sickness and disease
  • Trauma:

This is a condition where a dog lost its offspring or watches his or her loved play partner being killed in cold blood and they screamed a lot during the process, especially the female dogs. They find it pretty difficult to move own normally without having a mood swing and refusing to eat food is one of them.

Also when someone that loves them leaves the house, especially the one that is responsible for giving them food, love and care eventually travels or die they normally enter into trauma and refused to eat from another hand, which will make them carry empty stomach for a while thereby vomiting early in the morning and late at night until they stabilize.


  • Pregnancy:

Whenever dogs enter their gestation period they tend to have serious mood swings just as seen in human beings, dogs and human beings basically share the same gestation mechanism via emotions, feeling, and behavior, a dog can experience morning sickness when they are heavily pregnant. As soon as she whelps the morning sickness stops and goes away immediately except otherwise. During this unique period, they can easily reject food and throws up early in the morning, most afternoon and night during this condition.

  • Inflammation, Indigestion, and intestinal abnormality:

Dogs of all breeds usually have sensitive stomachs. Thus, foreign bodies, peptic stomach ulcers, inflammation of the stomach, severe foreign bodies, acute inflammation, mild inflammatory bowel illness (basically chronic most times), and constipation, this usually present dog to stay off food but vomits from time to time. At this point in time, the dog needs to be taken to the veterinarian to administer proper medication because it can be life-threatening.


  • Sickness and disease:

The disease is one of the most disturbing times for dogs hence they don’t have the pedigree to cope and throwing and refusal of food is one of the big signs that your dog is sick and infected. Disease cases like liver disease, pancreatitis, kidney disease are the most trying and dangerous times for dogs to delt with.


Treatments For A Dog Who’s Throwing Up And Refusal To Eat


There is no one unique way for treating a vomiting dog since dog vomiting varies greatly due to the cause, and emphasizing the treatment for each individual cause is beyond the course of this resource. However, here is the general treatment for dogs’ vomit.

  1. Fluids; After watching your dog throw up and went to lie down displaying loss of strength, this is due to loss of body fluid, and replenishing the fluid back is very important. A vomiting dog is likely a little dehydrated primarily from fluid loss from the throwing up and failure to keep water down their system can be detrimental. You can add a little salt in warm water add a few cubes of sugar, mixed very well, and give the dog to drink a little.
  2. Change of food; If the history of the dog is known and there is no trace of being infection, kindly change their food and also warm it a little before giving them don’t just give them cold food to eat especially early in the morning.
  3. Drugs; there are medications that can be of great help such as alvomi, Pepcid, and sucralfate are primarily used to arrest vomiting in pets animals.





throwing up in dogs and other animals including man are not normal either by gastric reflux, coldness or pregnancy, something gave birth to it which is an abnormality. It is advisable and wise you check your and confirm the dog history (what lead to the vomit before giving medication). Always seek the attention of your veterinarian specialist to make sure that your dog is in good condition.